10 February 2012     7.00 AM   16 F      Clear

Gealach Mor's TeslinTess

Gealach Mor’s Teslin or as we call her, Tess, was the first puppy born from Cuchi’s litter. And that seems to be the hallmark of this dog. She’s pretty much first to do everything. First to explore, first to do stuff she’s not supposed to and always first to go and visit the big dogs through the fence.

She is also nearly always the first puppy down the trails that we have been walking them on. She likes to be in the front and she’s not happy at getting stuck behind me on snowshoes. She doesn’t seem to mind diving off the trail into snow that is several feet deeper than she is tall, and she trucks on through that deep powder at quite a pace.

She’s an inquisitive little girl with a sweet nature and a happy outlook.

Tess standing at the stairs
Tess in profileCome on, come on, we need to go
Tess running through deep snowI don’t need you to make me a trail.
Tess sliding down a slope Oooops, maybe a trail would have helped, after all

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