25 February 2012      4.00 PM    14 F     Moderate snow falling

Brooks on a pile of snowBrooks getting up to mischief

Little Missy Brooks was the last puppy to be born in Cuchi’s litter. And that was probably the final time she has been last at anything. Brooks is a go-getter, an explorer and a bit of a rabble rouser. She is also probably the most reserved with new people but give her open spaces or a tree lined trail and you won’t see her for dust.

She is also incredibly pretty, but that’s such a shallow reason to love her. It’s a good job she has real character as well.

brooks and tess at the stepsBrooks and Tess
Pretty puppy BrooksAlways looking to see where she can go next
puppy running through deep snowBrooks makes her own path
More of the pretty puppyI brought you a stick.

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