Goodbye, Good Boy Milloy

19 April 2012     6.00 PM         55 F  Cloudy

Our boy, Milloy
MILLOY 5 Sept 2003 - 16 April 2012

On Monday, we lost one of our beloved, homebred boys, Milloy. He had been unwell for a while, and despite having Xrays, ultrasound scans, bloodworks, barium meals and being examined by every vet in the practice over a period of several days, no diagnosis could be agreed upon. None of the treatments given to him seemed to do much to relieve his suffering or improve his wellbeing.  He continued to lose weight, become ever more lethargic and very touch sensitive. Further tests and xrays finally confirmed what we had come to suspect and fear. Milloy had advanced cancer of the intestines, which had also spread to his spleen and liver. With no possible positive outcome and no willingness to force him to endure more suffering, we made that most difficult decision.

Milloy as a puppy in autumnal leaves
Milloy, Oct 2003
Milloy at a year old
Milloy at 8 years old in Alaska

“Millie” Milloy was a beautiful, bouncy dog, one who loved us and his brothers and sisters, unless there were cuddles to be shared, in which case he would much rather prefer to be the centre of attention.  And he could be quite vocal about it.

He was a very well travelled dog. He has flown across the Atlantic 3 times, pulled a sled in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Alaska, run dryland in Scotland and been a wonderful companion and friend through each and every step of the way. He was the epitome of a team dog. He could run anywhere, with anyone and never needed cajoling, coercing or chiding.

Milloy, red collar, on the right hand side, behind Tasker.

This image is how I will always remember him, huddled in amongst his brothers and sisters, happy, easy to live with, easy to love.

Run free dear friend, go find your already departed brothers BB and Trey and let them show you the endless paths ahead.

“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.”  Helen Keller


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