Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

26 April 2012      12.00 PM    56 F    Sunny

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. They say the camera never lies (although with the likes of Photoshop etc, that’s definitely up for debate). They also say I should stop moaning about break up.  So I will, sometime, soon, maybe.

In the meantime, here are a few photographs of the latest state of the dogyard. We just keep telling ourselves and the dogs that it will all be back to lovely dry sand in a week or two or three………….

cuchi on an ice island
Cuchi waiting for her dinner on the ice island
muddy dogyard
Water, mud, sand, snow, unhappy dogs
Harry watches a flowing river of melt water
Harry watches the melting snow turning into a muddy river across his play area
takeo on his one dry spot
Takeo reminds me of one of those polar bears, clinging to the last iceberg.
Queen has a large pool of water in her circle
No expense spared for Queen. She has her very own en-suite swimming pool.
melting snow paths
Muddy trail to the right goes to the boys pen. Snow trail straight ahead was our out chute for all the sled runs. We must have packed it down pretty hard.
The boys pen is wet and muddy
Not the most fun, living in mud and water.
The boys' pen drying up nicely
The same pen, only a few days later, almost completely dry and back to nice sand. The boys have enjoyed being able to dig holes again.
pumping meltwater from the dogyard
It's not all drying quite so quickly. The girls' pen needs a bit of help in the shape of a couple of water pumps.

So, as you can see, it’s really still quite wet and horrible mostly. We are making some progress. In the few days since those photos were taken (and I started this entry) a lot of the standing snow has melted. This, of course, creates its own problems with the additional meltwater needing a place to go. So far, we’ve managed to keep it moving along with the help of our carefully designed dogyard- on a slight slope – and the judicious use of water pumps where necessary.

We have also been blessed with some wonderful Spring sunshine and lovely warm temperatures. This has definitely helped the melting process and in thawing the ground, also aids the dispersal of all that water. The downside of that sunshine and warmth has been the arrival of the first of our seasonal pests. Mosquitoes! Yes, the mozzies are back, biting and drawing blood already. Seems crazy to having to get the Skeeter Vacs out and running when there is still snow on the ground, but it really didn’t take long to remember just what worthwhile machines they are.

The melting snow also gave us yet another poignant reminder of Milloy. If he was not on the first team to go running, he would go to the end of his chain, and dig at the sand in frustration at not getting being selected. His digging and throwing the sand back into his circle, created a trench, which, over the weeks, came to resemble a moat protecting a castle. That trench is now full of water, reinforcing this moat effect and making my heart smile when I think of him frantically digging because he was so mad I wasn’t taking him running that day.


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