Spring, Sun, Sand and Smiles

18 May 2012    5.00PM    61 F    Blue skies and sunny

So we have survived winter and break up is over (mostly). The weather here has been truly lovely for the last few weeks, warm and sunny, which has helped the snow to melt at a pretty good rate.

For all our fears of a messy Spring, I have to be honest and say that it really wasn’t all that bad. And now that it’s behind us, we are looking forward to a pleasant Spring and Summer. There’s even talk of a greenhouse !

The last few mornings of April and early May still saw temperatures drop below freezing, which made the afternoon sunshine seem all the more delightful. It also means that some of our snow is still clinging on, with a marked reluctance to melt from those areas where it is sheltered from the sun.

snow, mud and water
18 May, and we still have snow
still some deep snow
Still have lots of snow in some places

As you can see, we do still have a bit of snow, but it has relinquished its freezing grip on the rest of our land. The “croquet lawn” emerged from it’s blanket of white, only to be submerged under several inches of standing water for a week or so. It seems to have survived both of these experiences without reverting back to a swamp – although I doubt it will ever be smooth enough to play bowls or croquet on. The grass emerged from the winter hardship rather brown and unattractive but has started to show signs of greening up lately.

grass still needs to get green
Looks a bit like Pittodrie after a hard season

The trees too are budding into life, our birches have green leaves unfurling and the willows have their little pussy catkins fluttering in the breeze.

birch leaves starting to unfurl
Our little birch tree stand coming to life
tree bark peeling
Leaf buds and peeling paper birch bark

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