A Year Ago Today

27 May 2012       11.00 AM     48 F      Raining

One year ago today, I was up on the Denali Highway with 7 dogs having a great time and my wife was here at home, being forcibly evacuated by the State Troopers due to a wildfire close by.

Last year, temperatures had been up in the 70s for a good few weeks and we were sunbaked and dry. This year, we have absolutely no fears of a repeat incident! Our spring weather has been pleasant enough, sunny and warm, rather than blazing hot. Just as the FireWatch signs changed from Medium to High in the middle of this week and we started to wonder about getting our Evacuation plan back in full “spring into action” readiness, the heavens have sprung a leak.

The dogs, who presumably had forgotten what rain is like, have spent the majority of the last few days either hiding in shelters or lying out in the heaviest downpours. There seems to be no happy medium with them, totally soaked or completely dry. Except the puppies, who don’t care what the weather is – they continue to chase each other, dig, chew things and squabble. It’s just nicer for us if they’re not quite so wet and sandy when it comes time for us to play with them.

At least I know that my new rain jacket doesn’t leak.


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