Happy Birthdays

31 May 2012      09.00 AM           48 F       Cloudy

Good intentions and a bad memory do not make for well matched bedfellows.

I had thought to write a quick post for each of our dogs on their birthday, as a way of inspiration and/or encouragement to produce something a little more frequently. Sadly, like so many of my ideas, this too hasn’t quite worked out exactly to plan.

However, we shall start afresh and do a quick sweep to try bring everyone up to date, starting now (except of course there’s been a wee bit of a delay between starting “now”, which was then and now- as in today.)

6 May   Harry  9 years old. Ever the gentleman, Harry is a laidback, well mannered dog, who’s main drawbacks are a propensity to chew his harness at hook up, liking to tip his food bowl upside down and the occasional bout of selective deafness when running lead in the team.

harry on his 9th birthday
Tay Marr’s Harry, hanging on to that winter coat, in mid May.

10 May  Mermaid 8 years old.  Mermaid lives for 3 things, eating, digging and running. She’s generally a happy soul and is a wonderful, reliable team dog.

Mermaid with her dirty paws
Sepp-Lok’s Mermaid

14 May  Rimi 3 years old. Big, boisterous, bouncy and a bit goofy. Another very happy dog, pretty much at ease with his crew in the big pen, where he has accepted that he isn’t above being chastised by the elders, such as Teague and Takeo. Crazy running dog who needs to learn to pace himself.

Rimi, smiling big on his box
Cold Canyon’s Rimini

14 May  Hop 3 years old. Rimi and Hop are brother and sister. Hop is a good bit more fiery than her brother, a trait that REALLY comes to the fore when she is in season. An eye injury as a youngster resulted in her becoming one of the “house dogs”, a position as you can see, she seems entirely comfortable with.

Hop sleeping in her favourite spot on top of the sofa.
Cold Canyon’s Hop

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