The Old Couple

15 June 2012       11.00 am        68F      Sunny

June’s birthday list is pretty short and sweet. Just two of our dogs have their birthdays this month, Vader and Beth.

Although a lady never reveals her age, I’ll whisper it, just to you, that Beth was 12 years old on 6th June. She’s a vibrant old gal still, but one who loves her daily routine and isn’t best pleased if she has to share the sofa at night with any of those young upstarts.

Beth at 12, still with her winter fluffy butt

Vader reached 13 years old on the 15th June, which is quite an achievement given his health issues this past year. He has his not so good days, but for the most part, he toddles along, minding his own business and sleeping most of the day away. He’s not completely lost that “mad dog” tag, he’s been caught a couple of times, foolishly fence fighting with the younger males when there were bitches in heat around.

Vader on patrol, on his 13th birthday

Happy Birthday to 2 of our oldie house dogs.

Beth’s sofa, the younger girls have to balance on the back.

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