A Happy Trio

26 July 2012       3.00 PM           76 F       Very sunny

Keeping up to date with the birthday dogs, here are those celebrating in the month of July.  We have 3 dogs with birthdays this month, but they’re not exactly scattered across the 31 days. In fact, 2 of them were born on the 23rd and the other was a whole day later, on the 24th. They were, however, born years apart.

Happy Birthday to Nadia, 10 years old on the 23rd. Still full of vim and vigor, Nadia is a delightful little dog and a real character.

Super lovely Nadia

Next Happy Birthday is to Quiz, who turned 4, also on the 23rd. He is maturing really nicely, and has developed a good bit more confidence in himself and his leading abilities. A lovely, friendly dog who fittingly gets to run with the gang known as “The Happy Crew”.

As soon as he senses a camera in his vicinity, Quiz gets all shy.


Finally, Happy Birthday to Bhu, the old man of the place. Bhu crept across the 14 year old barrier on the 24th. And I do mean crept. He has slowed down a whole lot, and probably spends around 22 hours of each day, asleep. He is deaf, has a brain lesion, muscle tremors and finds it very difficult to get himself up on all 4s, but he bears it all with great grace and dignity. He might need help getting up but wave a dinner bowl in his direction and you’d better be ready to help him move.

Bhu’s dinner treats for his 14th birthday were salmon and bison

One thought on “A Happy Trio

  1. Lovely Nadia is likely to win hearts in any community, but especially round here. Poor ol’ Bho looks and sounds as if he could be related to my old Silver Fox from back in the ’60’s and ’70’s. She even had the same ailments except that in the end she also had K-9 Dementia as well. She traced back to the Sepalla (sp?) bloodlines, too. She was also my very first husky.


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