Brave Bhu

7 August 2012     7.00 PM     Cloudy    70 F

Gudenov’s Boo Radley 24 July 1998 – 6 August 2012

We bade farewell to our wonderful boy, Bhu on Monday.

For ever known by us as “Baby Bhu”, even as age and illness caught up and overwhelmed him. He was always a gentle soul, a happy, quiet, relaxed dog who caused no offence nor ruffled any other dog’s feathers.

Bhu was a solid, reliable working dog, who raced on our 4 and 6 dog dryland sprint teams and was never injured or found wanting. He cared nothing for our victories, just enjoying every moment out on the trail, but once finished he always preferred the peace and solitude of his dog box when travelling, or his own house when at home to mixing with the other dogs. When visitors appeared in the yard, Bhu would always be on the periphery of the chaos, waiting for that initial frenzy to subside, before moving in to greet the newcomers.

Bhu took to life in Alaska well, enjoying the winters more than the summers, but the last few months saw a rapid decline in his wellbeing. Each day he was with us, we regarded as a bonus. And despite his frail health, his calm, gentle nature never wavered.

We were blessed to have known him.

Racing across the Rainbow Bridge with his departed teammates

4 thoughts on “Brave Bhu

  1. Bhu sounds just like my Kirov….exactly. SO sorry for the loss of another great dog, and find peace and comfort in the years you were fortunate enough to share your life with such a wonderful companion and friend.


  2. He was quite a beauty in his time. He leaves you with the best of memories. Don’t they all? We know why we keep them with us so long; so they can enjoy our time and we can enjoy theirs.


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