August Birthday Dogs

31 August 2012      2.00 PM      58 F     Raining

August’s birthday list is quite short and pretty sweet, which is very fitting as that is an exceedingly apt description of the two dogs with a birthday in August.

The diminutive and delightful Avery was 6 years old on 9 August. She is a happy little soul, very easy to live with and a pleasure to have in harness.

Birthday girl, Avery

The not so diminutive but equally delightful Jak turned 5 years old, just a few days later, on 12 August. He was one of the recent arrivals from Seppala Kennels and has proved himself to be quite the character. He’s been battling a fairly major, but mysterious malaise and happily we seem to be winning now. The plus side to his ailment has been that he and I have spent a lot of time together, with trips to the vets, persuading him to take his meds and just generally hanging out. It has definitely brought us closer, quicker.

Jak, smiley and happy

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