Yes, We’re Still Alive

15 November 2012    10.30 PM      11 F      Clear

What can I say ?  Yes, it’s been a long time since I last wrote a blog entry. Apparently, the main reasons that bloggers give up are – a lack of interest (either from the actual blogger or their audience ! ), not enough subject matter, or as has been the case here, there’s simply too much happening.

The biggest part of each and every day here is of course taken up with the dogs. Whether that is the mundane every day chores, vet emergencies, routine vet visits, grooming, playing or simply being with them, it seems that large chunks of time can disappear, never to be found again.

We have new neighbours and have been busy helping them get settled and organised. We got a new shed built to provide some storage for those machines that had to overwinter outside last year, and also new gatehouses to try and reduce the amount of snow shovelling I have to do this winter. We cut some trail – although not as much as was actually required to make it connect with anything. So, basically it’s a trap waiting for the unwary to wonder where it goes……….

September was a weather nightmare, it rained an incredible amount, in terms of both volume and frequency. We did consider starting training a few times, but I was always able to convince myself that it would be dry soon and the running would be better/cleaner/drier/not as muddy.

Happily, I was right and with a bit of patience we have been able to train regularly and not get webbed feet or fingers. The dogs, of course, couldn’t care less and they seem to have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into our schedule. We’re currently training two 10 dog teams, with a view to trying to put together a 12 dog race team in the unlikely event that I manage to make it through the season without declaring myself injured.

The main leaders are picked from Oscar, Ruby, Quiz and Kazek. Relief leaders are Rosie, Lily, Kalekh, Avery and Harry. A couple of the others have had a brief flirtation at the front and well, let’s just say it was an experience worth having – but not repeating !

We got a couple of inches of snow early in October and lots of cold weather since then – so although it wasn’t a lot, it stayed and helped the trails a bit. Yesterday we got about 6 inches of fresh, puffy, powdery snow. Very welcome and without wishing to seem ungrateful, we’d like some more please. I took the dogs for their longest training run this year and was pleased with their efforts in the fresh snow.

So that’s the last 3 months recapped……………  wasn’t so difficult really.



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