Mixed Blessings

January 16, 2013     4.00 PM      15 F   Lightly snowing

It’s Tuesday afternoon, on Friday we should be hitting the start line of the Don Bowers Memorial Sled Dog race, our first ever 200 mile race. By rights, I should probably be incredibly nervous, feel a degree of uncertainty and be sure that we are either under-prepared or simply not prepared at all.

To add to those worries would be the fact that we haven’t managed to run the dogs for the last 8 days. Primarily due to the weather – it seems the constant complaining about the excess snow of last winter has been heeded by Mother Nature and accordingly we hardly have any – and the last 3 days of warm temperatures and rain have created a nightmare scenario of glare ice, no snow and deep holes frozen into place, capable of severely injuring both dogs and humans. Additionally, a couple of the dogs expected to make the race team are both on the injury list and all together it really isn’t looking like a bundle of laughs.

But, and it’s a mighty big but, the race has already been cancelled. The Sheep Mountain 150 and the Knik 200 have too fallen victim to the weather. The Don Bowers got called off a couple of weeks ago – run by volunteers, they sensibly decided that given the conditions, there was just no way they could be sure that a trail could be put in and maintained. So, the pressure has been taken off and sitting here, looking out at the dogs tiptoeing around their yard, I feel the itch to run them, that isn’t based on the worry that we won’t be ready for a race, but is grounded in the simple desire to be out on the trails with my guys.



One thought on “Mixed Blessings

  1. So sorry about the lack of snow this winter! What a contrast from last year. I found your website last year and enjoy reading about you and your Siberians. Which leads me to this email and your book list. I’m the author of Champion of Alaskan Huskies, the adventure biography of Joe Redington Sr. It is a book I am sure you would enjoy reading. You can find it at Fireside Books in Palmer or Annabels in Wasilla, Fred Meyer and Safeway stores, Barnes & Noble, and on line at Amazon.com. Just thought you might be interested. Now let’s pray for more snow for our dog races!

    Wtih joy,


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