Baby, It’s Cold Outside

27 January 2013     08.00 AM    -36 F    Clear

The weather is a constant source of discussion, frustration and entreaty. We have had a rough winter this year so far. A very wet Fall, followed by a harshly cold November and a distinctly snow-lacking winter, has lead to the cancellations of many of the sled dog races and exceedingly unhappy mushers.

January saw strangely warm temperatures, we bumped along with most days barely managing to stay below freezing until the disaster (disaster is of course relative) of a couple of days where it was warm enough to rain – which it did, copiously, and the subsequent melt which occurred. the fact I have now blogged about this twice gives you some indication of just how distressing it was.

Since then, we have been blessed with a fairly decent snowfall one night and a couple of minor dustings. The temperatures have stayed a little cooler and the trails have generally survived remarkably well, with the exception of a couple of the sloughs we use to access our crossing to get under the Parks Highway and a few other chunks of overflow out on the swamps. That was until yesterday, when it seemed that in the blink of an eye it got,cold and then colder still.

We’ve gone from 25 F yesterday to – 37 F this morning. The dogs have a few weeks of that relative mildness and quite a few of them were starting to blow their coats – a decision I’m sure they are regretting tonight !

The house dogs always seem to be the most affected – I guess they are so used to the warmth indoors, that when it gets cold like this, none of them have any desire to spend any time outside. Ruya, however, wins the prize for most pathetic overreaction to the cold.Ruya snuggles into the firepalce


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