Big Bump = Little Bundles

21 February 2013   4.00 PM      27 F     Lightly snowing

We are delighted to be able to share the news (albeit a little after the event ) that we have once again been blessed with a litter of pups.

a pregnant looking dog
Queen and her bump

Early in December, we took Arkady of Seppala to visit with Queen of Seppala and on the 6th February, Queen whelped 6 puppies, 4 boys and 2 girls. As a first time mother, Queen seemed a little bemused at the procession of little bodies cascading from her, however, she produced the 6 puppies without fuss inside 3 hours.  And very conveniently, she did so in the middle of the afternoon.

Wanting to ensure that everything would go smoothly, as her due date approached, we took her out of the girls’ yard and settled her into her own little kingdom ( or Queendom, if you prefer). She took to the transition very calmly although I have the feeling that me staying in there with her may have helped. Having wifi and my laptop certainly made living in the garage seem less like I had been kicked out and more like finally having my very own “man cave”.

Whelping box and pen.
Where Queen should be
Where Queen liked to be

Now, just over 2 weeks old, the pups have finally left behind the “hamster” stage and are looking more like little dogs every day. Our daily treat is that most delightful and evocative scent, known as puppy breath.

The new born pups
Our new born puppies

Our gang of 6 consist of 4 boys and 2 girls, and are equally divided into the colour groups. We have 2 brown males and a brown female, and 2 white males with a white female.  How very balanced. Over the last couple of days, their eyes have started to open and the pups are now up and about on rather wobbly legs, squeaking at each other and chasing the milk bar.

our puppies at 2 weeks old
2 weeks later

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