Goodbye Vader

28 April 2013         4.00 PM         44F             Sunny

Riverdance's Vader of Sepp-Alta,   6 Jun 1999 -  26 April 2013
Riverdance’s Vader of Sepp-Alta,        15 Sept 1999 – 26 April 2013

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we said goodbye to our dear, beloved boy, Vader on Friday.

He came into our life when we bought him from Bob & Tammy Davis’ Tay-Marr Kennel in March 2002. He was already a well travelled dog, with long distance racing experience and a lot of miles logged under his paws and also inside a dog truck. From then on, he has only flown across the Atlantic 4 times, run dryland in the United Kingdom, and lived with us in New Hampshire, Scotland and Alaska.

He was our first Seppala line Siberian and he sired our first litter, as well as being an excellent father, he passed on a wonderful work ethic. In addition to his sparkling character, he had a happy, smiley face and that instantly recognisable missing ear tip.

When he made the move into the house after our first winter in Alaska, he became a firm favourite with all our visitors and he made the transition to “meeter and greeter” with aplomb.

In the summer of 2011, Vader suddenly started having seizures and had been bravely battling those, increasingly dependent on quite debilitating medication and slowly losing mobility. Throughout it all, his temperament never altered and he coped with all his disabilities – most generally by seemingly ignoring them as best he could. His famed stubbornness was being put to full use. To the end, he remained a steadfast and loyal friend, who despite increasing frailty, still commanded your attention and the obvious respect of the rest of the house dogs.

Run free “mad dog”, our dear, sweet, slightly crazy boy.

Vader in the Highlands of Scotland
Vader in the Highlands of Scotland





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