28 May 2013     5.00 PM       80.6 F   Sunny  (ya reckon)

This afternoon, Federal Authorities finally gave the stand down order to all military and emergency service personnel. These poor souls have been on a high state of readiness to deal with a severe, unexpected emergency ever since Monday afternoon.

It had been reported that a searing bright light and intense heat had burst onto sensors in Alaska. Rumours that N Korea’s missile had found enough of a tail wind to actually make landfall abounded along with other theories such as alien invasion, volcanoes or an explosion at the Yeti factory.

The truth is much more mundane.  The sun has finally come out and has done so with a vengeance.  It’s hard to believe that on the 18th May we had a couple of inches of fresh snowfall, to go with all our break up melt water – and now, only 10 days later, we’re baking in 80 degree sunshine and the dogs are all digging holes in the sand to find shelter and coolness.

And the searing bright light ?

Peely wally
Peely wally

It’s the first time these legs have seen the outside since we arrived in Alaska nearly 4 years ago !



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