Long Live The Matriarch

30 July 2013    8.00PM    78F     Sunny

Rimrock’s Bethany  6 June 2000 – 24 July 2013

Our dog, Beth posing for the camera

The summer weather continues with unabated blue skies, warm temperatures and sunshine. However, for us, a bit of the brightness has gone from each day, a little of the sunshine’s warmth has been chased away and another sad page has been written on our heart book.

Last Wednesday we said goodbye to our much loved girl, Bethie. Even now, it’s still hard to accept and to come to terms with.

Bethie came to us in 2002 from Bob & Tammy Davis’ TayMarr Kennel. She travelled with Vader and spent her 6 months quarantine stuck in a kennel with him. It obviously didn’t put her off him as they had a litter together in September 2003 and they were practically inseparable in the following years. He was the only dog she would allow to share her sofa. She was also a devoted mother to her pups. Several times over the first few months of their life, we tried to entice her back into the house. Each time, she refused to leave the pup pen and would just sit outside the gate. It wasn’t until 2010, at 7 years old, she decided they could be trusted to manage without her. It may have been that winter in Alaska helped sway her decision to come indoors.

Diagnosed with advanced high grade lymphoma, Bethie gave us no time to prepare ourselves, she maintained that well known but incredibly frustrating stoicism that denies us the opportunity for early medical intervention. No matter what treatment we planned, Bethie’s refusal to eat gave us a clear indication of her intentions. It seemed that whilst we were not prepared to have her leave us, she felt it was time.

Vader, Fina, Teague, Harry, Nadia and Beth
Fina and Teague between Vader (father) and Beth (mother) in Alaska, Jan 2010

Goodbye our darling Beth. Go find “your” Vader and frolic with your much missed sons, BB, Trey and Milloy.


One thought on “Long Live The Matriarch

  1. So sorry to read this about Beth but we have only just seen it. We are both thinking of you both. Bea also had Lymphoma back in 2011 but it was found very early so she was treated and is in remission now and we are thankful for the extra 2 years with us so far but we are dreading it coming back again. These beautiful dogs are just not long enough with us and we wish Bea could have been with us since a pup.
    Dave and Linda


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