Spirit Crushing

26 August 2013   6.00PM     68 F      Sunny

Arkady of Seppala   18 Dec 2003 ~ 23 August 2013
Arkady of Seppala 18 Dec 2003 ~ 23 August 2013

They say it’s the unseen blows that hurt the most. Those sneaky attacks when you have not prepared yourself are the ones that get past your defences. And so it is with our dogs and the loss of yet another of our boys, less than a month after losing Bethie.

With the onset of old age, one comes to expect (but not accept) the inevitable demise of our dear 4 legged friends. It doesn’t make the grief any less nor the parting any easier but there is some tiny measure of consolation in a full life, well lived.

Arkady’s passing, both unexpected and sudden, hurts doubly as he was one of “those” dogs.  All dogs are special, but there are some who are just that bit more special. Arky was one of those. There was nothing calculating about him, he didn’t try to ingratiate himself in any way, he just was……………….

Arkady with his daughter in the foreground
Arkady with his daughter in the foreground

My obsession with Arky began when I bought his son Kazek from Seppala Kennels in 2010. Kaz’s brother Kalekh followed him here in 2011 and their sister Kalinka arrived in 2012. During each of my trips to Manitoba to collect the dogs, I had always fawned over their father, Arkady and I had always been very aware of how much he was loved by Jeffrey and Susan. My emotions ran amok when they asked if I would like to offer Arky a home when I collected Kalinka. I know my joy was tempered by the obvious sadness they felt. I promised to love and care for Arky and always to cherish him.

Kalinka and Arkady, Nov 2012
Kalinka and Arkady, Nov 2012

I still can’t believe he is gone. Despite having so many other dogs here, his presence is greatly missed. Goodbye, my dear Arky-Barky, may my tears carry you safely to the Rainbow Bridge.


2 thoughts on “Spirit Crushing

  1. Awfully nice harness photo of Arky and his daughter Kalinka, Peter. You really caught his quiet but determined personality there. Klink has really filled out and matured since I last saw her. Interesting photo all round.


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