3 September 2013   4.00 PM   56F    Raining

As autumn fast approaches, we seem to have survived the traditional August deluge. The rains have continued into September and the temperatures are slowly dropping. Not low enough that we can take our heavy coated huskies out training just yet, although some of the Alaskan teams have been seen out in the rain.

Most of our dogs have a resigned air about them as they shelter from the seemingly constant downpours. A few disappear completely into their houses, some have their heads sticking out of the door and we have two headcases who just lie curled up outside no matter how wet and horrible it gets.


Queen’s pups, now a boisterous bunch of 7 month olds, don’t much care for the rain. Well, I should say they don’t much care for it when they are stuck inside their pen. However, once you let them out for their play times and free running, it’s a whole different story. No puddle too deep, no mud too sticky, no raindrop too heavy. Their joyful exuberance is wonderful to behold. The carefree way in which they splash about and even have their wrestling bouts in the middle of some of the deepest puddles make me smile -and glad they live outside !  I’m also tempted to point out to them that once they are grown ups and make the team, they’d better not freak out at overflow or river crossings.

"Aunt" Cuchi is teaching the pups a bit of respect.
“Aunt” Cuchi is teaching the pups a bit of respect.

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