Welcome to our new arrival

12 October 2013    5.00 PM   40 F     Raining

No matter how many dogs we have, it always seems like there is the chance to add to our numbers. It may not always be sensible or prudent but despite that, it is very difficult to decline an opportunity to acquire further wonderful examples of our beloved dogs.

Recently, such an occasion arose and despite us promising ourselves not to bring any more dogs in, and especially not another house dog, we find ourselves the proud new owners of a delightful little girl.

She’s a good bit smaller than I usually prefer, quite light at probably around 30 pounds, and with rather a short coat that isn’t really going to cope very well with the harsh Alaskan winter without some kind of protective coat. Sadly, I have to admit that we picked her based solely on looks and colour – which as every dog lover knows is a cardinal sin, that most shallow of reasons.

Despite having only been here a few days, she has fitted right in, is exceptionally quiet and is really well house-trained, there have been no little accidents at all. We’re still not sure about a name for her, I’m thinking of “Ply” but we’re still debating that.


Here she is………..

What an amazing piece of work by Dave Totten. 

Dave is fantastic artist who has a gallery on the way up to Talkeetna, just a few miles from us. His work adorns the walls of just about every musher we have visited and we own several of his pieces as well. He has painted the official posters for the Yukon Quest 1000 mile race 3 times and has previously supported Willow Dog Mushers Association with gifted artwork and he very graciously decorated “Ply” for our 2013 symposium. The detail is amazing and we just fell in love with the work and were very happy that we won the auction for her. Originals by well known artists are always highly prized, but this piece of work is so much more than “just” a painting.

Welcome to your new home Ply.

Wonderful art work
Wonderful art work
The other side, different artwork. Just as amazing.
The other side, different artwork. Just as amazing.

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