Goodbye Junior

24 December 2013      9.00 AM       -26 F     Clear and bright

Wildwind's Junior at Gealach Mor   31Mar 2005 - 17 Dec 2013
Wild Wind’s Junior at Gealach Mor      31Mar 2005 – 17 Dec 2013

When I wrote my last post a few days ago, I was expecting that my next entry would be filled with the sadness of the passing of a much loved companion. And it is, but rather shockingly for us, it is not the loss of Takeo we are mourning ( who continues to bless us with his presence and antics every day) but the death of Junior, who succumbed to colon and intestinal cancer.

Junior came to us from his home kennel, Wild Wind Siberians, when we moved to Alaska in 2009. He was a big boy, but graceful with it. Full of character, a boisterous, playful dog, who matured into a steady and reliable running teammate. He had one particular trait that always made me smile, but seemed to unsettle a few of the dogs he got paired up with.  During a run, if he felt his running mate had too much froth or too many icicles hanging on their face, he would lean over, mid stride, and lick them clean.  Not many of them were too keen on this kind of attention but they all tolerated it.

Perhaps Junior’s biggest gift to our lives here was his befriending of crazy dog Fionn. Fionn had no buddies and his fear induced aggression caused all our dogs to give him a wide berth. But Junior seemed to see through the bravado and noise – and was big enough not to be intimidated. The two of them could often be seen playing, chasing, wrestling and even occasionally shouting at each other. They were also frequently found just lying together, at peace and relaxed. It was an unlikely friendship but one which made our lives, and Fionn’s much better and easier.

Junior with his bestest buddy, Fionn
Junior with his bestest buddy, Fionn

I am sure that as much as we mourn the passing of Junior, his loss is also felt deeply by Fionn.

Goodbye dear Junior,  may your ticklish feet carry you safely over the Rainbow Bridge my friend.


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