Goodbye Keetna

21 January 2014       3.00 PM      32 F     Raining

Keetna in the snow in Scotland
Mystic Princess at Gealach Mor     4 November 2000 ~ 19 January 2014

It is with a heavy, heavy heart, a deeply saddened soul and tear filled eyes that I have to write this.

On Saturday we had friends round for dinner, and Keetna was a favourite of their’s. She was in fine form, full of her usual nonsense and visiting each of them, gracing them with her presence for a few moments before moving on to check out the next interesting scent. On Sunday, I had to tell those same friends that Keetna had passed away.

She went from being a vibrant part of our lives to gone in the space of an hour on Sunday afternoon. She had a grand mal seizure, briefly came out of it, looked up and simply, peacefully, passed away.  The hole she leaves behind is immense. She was one of the dogs we brought with us from the UK and has been part of our lives for such a long time. She was a very different character from our other dogs, very independent, very much her own lady and very much loved.

Keetna was a Siberian Husky, but not a sled dog. She had no interest in such mundane matters as working or pulling, much preferring to lord it over those who found such pastimes fun. She was “the” house dog, queen of the sofa and winner of visitors’ hearts. Her fine features, classic shape and graceful manner won over everyone that saw her. And despite my oft repeated statements that she could go home with any of them,  it was clear to all that she would never leave.

Goodbye dear, sweet Keetna. May your path to the Rainbow Bridge be clean, dry and free from any and all of those loud noises you hated so much.  Travel safe and be sure you are treasured.


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