It’s May, You Say

2 May 2014      6.00  PM     70 F   Blue skies and sunny

Normally the first post following the “end ” of winter is set aside for me whining about break up and mud and water. And I fully reserve the right to go back in time and wallow in said mud and water (not literally of course, because I’ve already been doing that and quite frankly………….  ooops, got a bit carried away there)

Anyway, I just wanted to share this photograph and my outrage at what it displays.

Yes, it really says the temperature is 70 F
Yes, it really says the temperature is 70 F
2 may snow
Temperature gauge, Hop and snowbank in 70 F weather

Aided by my able assistant, Hop who was equally incredulous about the reading) so much so that I managed to get her to stand there and lean the gauge against her nose. What a well trained dog ! The yard dogs are not quite so impressed with the sudden and unexpected heat. Apparently this is 10 – 15 degrees warmer than normal and it certainly feels almost tropical to us and the dogs, seeing as we are not quite fully out of winter mode yet. Just to reinforce that point, the gauge is actually sitting on a snowbank in the back garden. The dogs have barely made the transition from their snow packed circles to dry sand again – and usually, they get to spend some time just digging for fun before the height of summer hits. The last couple of warm days have seen some of them start the excavations for their summer tunnels – which has caused a couple of issues for one or two of them as the surface sand is dry, but get down a foot or two, and there’s still a lot of water bubbling back up.  I guess it’s going to be a busy time for me too as I still have to groom the undercoats out of most of the dogs. The birds are already flying around the yard and swooping down to collect the wool for their nests. It seems I’m going to get a tan whilst doing that this year.


One thought on “It’s May, You Say

  1. Yes summer is here way to early. Like the mosquitoes and the tourists I do not appreciate hot weather. However like my son always tells me heat is relative…this coming from someone living in Texas with two summers of almost solid 100 degree temperatures. I guess I will just hang out where its cool by my favorite stream and await the first snows of fall. Make sure that the tan doesn’t turn into a sunburn.


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