Goodbye Takeo

5 October 2014       4.00PM       43 F        Overcast

Gealach Mor TikTak Takeo  5 Sept 2003 ~ 29 Sept 2014
Gealach Mor TikTak Takeo    5 September 2003 ~ 29 September 2014

In December last year, Takeo was given just hours to live. 

In the intervening months, he has been such a blessing and a joy to be around. He became a fixture in the house, and despite his great size, he could fit into the smallest corner of a shared dog bed, or he could sprawl out and seemingly fill the living room. All of the girls deferred to him and he made the most of every moment.

As the weeks and months moved on, we could almost, occasionally, forget that he was living on borrowed time. He was always a happy, relaxed companion dog as well as being a fabulous sled dog and valuable teammate. He raced mid distance in New Hampshire, ran dryland sprint in the UK and then trained with us here in in Alaska.

tak me

tak stratford
Takeo at wheel, racing the Stratford Nighthawks 30 mile race in New Hampshire and a third place finish.

For all that we were grateful and happy to have the extra time with Takeo, his passing is no easier, his loss no less keenly felt, the tears are still as hot and heavy.

Goodbye my big old boy,  run free with your brothers.
Goodbye my big old boy, run free with your brothers.

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