April’s Birthdays

27 April 2015   2.00 PM     56 F      Cloudy

It’s not always that easy to remember birthdays. I always remember my sister’s, but as it is on the same day as mine, it’s maybe not that great a feat. I also always remember my wife’s – she may not get a present, but I always know which day she’s not getting the present on.

That lengthy ramble leads me to today’s post in celebration of Echo’s birthday. He turns 10 today and the Serum Run trip that I wrote about last week was supposed to be his big swansong before enjoying a long retiral. However, a couple of things may delay that retiral. The main ones are that Echo shows absolutely no signs of slowing down or any indication that he has lost any of his drive or desire. He is, without doubt, our strongest dog, our most enthusiastic eater and a phenomenal worker. He has so much energy that he positively vibrates at times. So, happy birthday Echo – enjoy your special snack today – yet another reason to celebrate teaching him not to snatch snacks and fingers during our training runs.  Thanks to Jeff and Susan for gift of Echo.

The Birthday Boy, Echo at 10 years old.
The Birthday Boy, Echo at 10 years old.

Of course, Echo is not the only dog having his birthday this month, so a quick shout out to the other 5 dogs that also celebrated turning another year older – or more accurately they celebrated getting a frozen herring – I’m fairly sure they had no idea why.april birthdays1

Fionn and Ciara both turned 6 on 14 April, Oscar also had his birthday on that day. He became an old man of 11. Oak turned 7 on the 15th and Ruya was 8 on the 25th.


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