Goodbye Fina

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Gealach Mor Fina Tina 5 Sept 2003 - 7 Nov 2015
Gealach Mor Fina Tina 5 Sept 2003 – 7 Nov 2015

It seems only moments ago that our sweet baby girl was being born. Fina was one of the eight pups from our first litter and with her soft nature, beautiful looks and caring personality, she was quick to make an impression on everyone.

I can feel my tears roll down my cheeks whilst writing this, her loss amplified by what she had to endure during the last few months and the good grace with which she bore every thing. And that will be our lasting memory of her – a wonderful companion, a good sled dog and a calming influence.  Her gentle soul filled our hearts with tenderness and her beautifully plumed tail could bring a smile to my face at any time.

She died yesterday from a hemangiosarcoma that was only discovered because she required an emergency operation for a gastric torsion a few weeks ago. During that operation, the vets discovered that she was riddled with tumours and had to remove her spleen. Further exams and xrays revealed the horrible truth, the cancers had spread to many of her organs, including her liver and lungs. She recovered amazingly well from the torsion surgery, and with no less than the absolute grace we would expect from her, she took the many medications and potions we offered. We were told we might only have days with her, and yet as the weeks passed and she seemed happy and at peace, we were thankful and hopeful for a miracle. Sadly, that hope died yesterday.

Fina in Scotland, 2004
Fina in Scotland, 2004
Fina with the backing of her brothers
Fina with the backing of her brothers
Running in Alaska
Running in Alaska











Goodbye dear, sweet Fina, may you find peace with your brothers and may your spirit know how much you were loved.fina 2004


“Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim.” V Harrison


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Fina

  1. Our true and most loyal friends they are such a huge part of our life for they fill our heart with so much joy. But when that dreaded day comes when they can stay with us no longer our hearts ache for that bond we shared that bond we feel should never be broken.

    The only thing that keep us going through this grief is the hundred of happy memories we have of times shared with our special friends and the hope that when our own time comes we are reunited.

    Have fun in heaven Fina xx

    Big Hugs Peter & Joyce xx


  2. For as long as one has a kennel, the painful losses of four-legged friends continue inexorably. I feel as though my heart must be a mass of scars by now. It is daunting to think of the huge mob of beloved canines that may be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. Believe me, Peter, I know how you must be feeling to have lost both Fina and Ribhinn. I wish there could be an end to the pain but I don’t think there is.


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