Goodbye Seven

6 Sept 2016        12.00 PM       57 F      Overcast

Gealach Mor Screamin' Seven   5 Sept 2003 ~ 2 Sept 2016
Gealach Mor Screamin’ Seven             5 Sept 2003 ~ 2 Sept 2016

On Friday, we lost Seven, following a prolonged battle with a hemangiosarcoma that had claimed her spleen in January, and was already spreading through her body then. Her diagnosis was not good and we were told to expect her to be unable to see out February, if she even lasted that long. Seven was always a determined little soul, and she, like her sister Fina , refused to bow down to cancer and both confounded and delighted us by bouncing back and being her usual, happy, shouty self all Spring and Summer. She had blips, she had her moments, but she never changed her happy outlook and she never stopped being a momma’s girl.

Through our tears, as we held her and said goodbye,  we mourned not just her loss, but the passing of a hugely saddening milestone for us. Seven was born in September 2003, as part of our very first litter, and all 8 pups stayed with us. They changed our lives and were truly special. As a litter, they were together from the moment they were born, until each one of them died. Their bond was incredible, their love for each other and for us has always been a yardstick  that we try to live up to.

Seven and her mum, Beth in Oct 2003
Seven and her mum, Beth in Oct 2003
Seven, second from left, huddled amongst all her brothers
The family portrait
The family portrait – taken during our 6 month stay in New Hampshire, when they were just 18 months old.

Seven was a fairly confident character, she always knew exactly what she wanted to happen and usually, that involved telling her brothers what she wanted them doing too. She wasn’t the best sled dog in the world, but when she put her mind to it, she proved that she could actually be astoundingly good. The fact that she chose not to, on occasion was a source of frustration, but her happy nature meant that she was always forgiven her misdemeanours.

Seven leading a small team with Ruya in Alaska Dec 2010.
Seven leading a small team with Ruya in Alaska Dec 2010.

Being a house dog suited her down to the ground. No more standing in dirt, or having to splash through puddles, she had her favourite beds, and enjoyed lording it over the other house dogs from her vantage point when she was up on the sofa. She loved cuddles from my wife, and she would accept them from me, she would lie for hours  in the Spring to be groomed when her winter coat was coming out, but she wasn’t so keen on you touching her feet and as for clipping claws, well………… let’s just say it didn’t happen often.

Seven shares her bed with her brother Takeo, Dec 2013
Seven shares her bed with her brother Takeo, Dec 2013

Goodbye dear, sweet Seven. May you find your rightful, restful place amongst your brothers and sister over the Rainbow Bridge. Take another little piece of our hearts with you to share with all the others who you are going to rejoin.


“Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim.” V Harrison







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