Hello. My Name Is

4 June 2017    3.00 PM     68 F    Blue skies and sunny

It’s been pretty damp and cool for the last couple of weeks here. Early Spring had been lovely, warm and sunny but that dryness had already resulted in several small wildfires, 2 of which were closer to us than we would have liked. The subsequent rain has hopefully reduced the fire risk but it has made doing the outside chores much less appealing.  Rather than do gardening and planting in the rain, I resolved to update our website, which has been sadly neglected over the past few months. To be honest, the rain was a reasonable reason (in my opinion) to avoid having to dig – but I suspect I’m going to run out of excuses all too soon.

The most glaring omissions from our site are, of course, the new dogs that arrived after the January journey to Minnesota. I was a bit surprised to discover that I hadn’t even “introduced” them to the world at large – so to remedy that – and to avoid having to update the website for another day or so, here are the newest recruits to Gealach Mor Seppala Siberian Sleddogs.

The 3 “A”migos.   Brothers, Argus, Axel and Avery of Seppness.  These 3 dogs were a major factor in my decision to drive 7 500 miles in January. I have a huge soft spot in my heart for Markovo Seppalas, and these boys have not done anything to change that. In fact, daily, they reinforce my love affair. Gentle, affectionate and heart warming, they have settled into life here and seem to be enjoying their new (not so new now) routine.

Babushka of Seppness. Another Markovo Seppala, another tug on the heart strings. Bushka was a favourite of her previous owner and it is easy to see. She was a obviously a spoiled and pampered girl who loved cuddles and being with people. Bushka is in with the Happy Crew and has had to learn that not everything is about her, but she has made friends with the males and bosses the girls about, so all is well – at least in her mind.

Cali and Cyra of Seppness. Half sisters to the A boys, and Bushka, these 2 are fun to be around. Cyra, (or CC, as we call her) is a delightful character, full of beans and bouncy as can be. She was a little shy at first, but quickly found her feet and is a joy to be around. Cali is a little more reserved, – sometimes !

Nuchok of Seppala.  Brother to Niko and Nina that we have had here for a while, it is easy to see that Nuchok is Niko’s brother. They behave the same, they’re big, boisterous and happy go lucky dogs that love nothing more than food and attention – in that order.


Starfire’s Praise Immanuel,  Manny is an AKC registered Seppala line Siberian Husky, of which we have a few. He’s a good bit smaller than our males, and as he will be 10 years old soon, he’s probably not going to contribute to our running team. However, he seems a pleasant enough boy, although he did blot his copybook when the girls were in season, but next week’s visit to the vets will sort that out!


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