Go Out and Play

25 June 2017        3.30 PM         75F     Sunny

It’s summer in Alaska.

Right now, we’re in the middle of spell lasting several weeks where it doesn’t get dark. At all. It might be slightly murky for an hour or so, but it can be hard to tell if it is 11 at night or 11 in the morning. We’ve had a few days of sunshine after a dull couple of weeks and everything is growing like crazy – apart from my lettuces, onions and broccoli. Each year I try to grow some vegetables and each year all I ever seem to end up with are potatoes.

The dogs are enjoying the sunshine and are busy digging holes, chasing butterflies and shedding their undercoats.  It is amazing how much of that woolly underlayer they have and how satisfying it is to pluck handfuls of it out of them. Some of them enjoy being groomed and happily lie on their houses whilst we work away with the brushes and combs. Others are a bit less patient and get bored and consider that if we’re not done in 5 minutes, they can’t possibly sit still any longer. Those are the ones that we resort to pulling the loose tufts out of, every time they pass. We try to recycle the dogwool – in our fashion. I know of a couple of people that spin the undercoat and combine it with wool to make “normal” knitting material. We give ours to the birds. We have 3 swallow houses around the dog yard and it is fun to watch the birds swooping down to collect a beakful of fluff as they build up their nestboxes. The swallows are a great mosquito consumer – apparently each bird eats its own weight in mosquitoes every day. We do all we can to encourage them to stay !   As well as their bug devouring contribution, they are a joy to watch as they dart around and they are also incredibly vividly coloured.

Every day we turn all our dogs loose so they can play, chase, dig, sunbathe or do whatever pleases them.

The dogs enjoy the swallows too – perhaps not quite in the same way as I would – but chasing them is considered a good game – and the birds seem to find it fun too, given the number of times they will fly down, through the dogyard and then back up into the air and then repeat this until tired or bored – or eaten…..  (not that we’ve seen that happen)

Can we get back in yet? Free play over, the dogs queue to get in for breakfast.
Turov and Xaros, 2 big boys that have learnt tolerance and forgiveness.
Back on to tethers for feeding.





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