Goodbye Ruya

26 July 2017    11.00 am     58 F    Raining

ruya 2017
Gwaihir Aruya   25 April 2007 ~ 7 July 2017

It is nearly 3 weeks since Ruya passed on.  She survived a hemangiosarcoma derived ruptured spleen just a few weeks earlier, thanks to amazing efforts from our vets and a blood transfusion. She recovered really well, but we knew there was a risk that the cancer had metastasized and so it turned out to be the case. Fortunately, in her last weeks, she was happy and pain-free, the sweet, charming, contented dog we knew and loved. I still call her name and expect to see her lift her head, glance in my direction and debate whether or not to leave her favourite bed.

Roo, in a rare snow shower in Scotland

Ruya came to us as a puppy from a friend’s kennel in Scotland, to join her Uncle Harry. She blossomed into a wonderful friend, an enthusiastic sled dog and a great leader. It was her natural position and she wasn’t happy unless she was up front.  She lost her left eye to glaucoma as quite a young dog, but that didn’t lessen her drive and she was less than impressed when we retired her.


But she loved being a house dog, and her passing leaves another scar on our hearts, another empty dog bed and yet more tears being shed. They say the pain and hurt will lessen, and eventually will go away. Simply put, that is a lie, it doesn’t get easier or go, you just get used to it and it becomes a part of you.


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