Goodbye Oscar

27 November 2017         10.00 PM     12 F  Clear

Oscar's head
Jedeye Oscar of Manitou Crossing   5 April 2004 ~ 18 Nov 2017

We lost Oscar a few days ago.

He had a tumour removed 2 years ago and we were thankful that he survived that, and recovered to continue to brighten our lives with his presence for an all too short period. Sadly, the last few weeks saw a steady decline in his health, and despite every effort, we reached the point that everyone fears and had to make the decision that everyone dreads.

Oscar, enjoying some Spring sunshine in 2012

Oscar came to us when we first landed in Alaska, he was brought in to be a lead dog, and he proved to be exactly that. He was a serene character, a dog that knew his own mind, and lived as he wanted. He liked affection, but only when he wanted you to be affectionate. Mostly, he moved through the dog yard with a stately presence that the others respected. He lead the team like that too – it was amazing to see. He also knew every single turn for home, and as he got older, he became less impressed with travel decisions that meant bypassing any of those homeward turns. After retiral from running, we tried to make him a house dog, an endeavour that failed to find merit in his mind. We tried several times, and it wasn’t until his operation  that he relented and settled to life amongst the rest of the “housers”.  Even then, Oscar continued to do things in his own, special way. He refused to live indoors and created a spot for himself in the back garden. Even the depths of winter couldn’t convince him to come inside – although when it was really cold, he did sneak in through the doggy door, and sleep in the arctic entryway.

It doesn’t look comfortable, but it sums Oscar up, perfectly. He just liked to do things differently.

These past few months, he could be found in the house, sleeping on a dog bed on occasion, usually when the rest of the house dogs were all outside. Right to the end, Oscar created memories that are singularly his.

Goodbye Oscar, thank you for allowing us to love you.



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