Goodbye Braeburn

What comes in love, must leave in pain

And all the gifts we early treasure, the world takes away

                       Gealach Mor Braeburn           9 Nov 2011 ~~ 10 Jan 2018

Sometimes fate gives you an unseen blow that is so devastating and surprising, that it seems like you will never recover, and that life will always be forever tainted from that moment on. On Wednesday, we lost our beloved boy Braeburn as we made a late night dash to the emergency vet in Anchorage. We don’t why, and we are still reeling from the loss of a fit, healthy young dog in such a sudden manner.

There’s so much we want to say about Braeburn, so many ways we want to express what a wonderful dog he was, and to tell you how much he was loved. But we can’t,  we simply can’t sit and dwell on his too short life and the impact that he had on us. A homebred dog, his brother and 2 sisters still live with us, and give us some degree of peace and comfort.  In time, we will doubtless be able to talk about him without feeling like our hearts are breaking, there will always be the sadness of his loss, but we will come to a place where our love for him is not overwhelmed by our grief.

But until that time comes, we simply try to cope.

Our beautiful Braeburn

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