Goodbye Wink

Wink Head
Pseudotsuga’s Winklestinker  4 Nov 2002  ~  17 March 2018

Wink was gifted to us by some dear friends in New Hampshire and she traveled across the Atlantic with me to our home in Scotland in 2006.

As a young dog, she finished the Can-Am 250, and when she joined us, she raced dryland Sprint, and she even tried her hand at leading a team occasionally. But as good a working dog as she was, she was happiest as a house dog. When we took her, she had never been in a house and our friends were concerned about how she would adapt. It took her about 5 minutes to figure out that sofa = good and from that moment on, she was a confirmed indoor dog.

As she got older, she became a lover of routine, nothing freaked her out more than change, of anything. She had her bed, in her spot, and on the odd occasion that another dog decided to lie on her bed, she would just stand beside it, staring at them, until they moved. And yet, she coped with everything that was put in her path admirably.

Fall 2015
Nothing ruins your routine like having your house destroyed by a wildfire in 2015.  Wink wasn’t happy until our home was rebuilt and she could get back to her usual spot.

Latterly, she became the founder member of Deaf Club, as she added actual deafness, (as opposed to selective deafness many of our dogs have been known to exhibit) to her many ailments. She stubbornly refused to use the dog door, and insisted that we let her in and out “the normal way”, as befitting her status as senior dog of the house.

For the longest time after her passing, we found ourselves starting to do the little things that she had taught us that made her life easier and simpler. It was just one of the many ways that showed us how important she was, and how much she meant to us.

Goodbye Winkie, look after the pieces of our hearts that you have taken with you.


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