Goodbye Cuchi

Cuchi gazes deeply
Cuchi of Seppala  25 January 2005  ~  14 May 2018

Cuchi was everybody’s favourite, an immensely affectionate dog, she loved nothing more than climbing on to your lap and being cuddled. She earned the nickname “the dog that makes everything alright”, with her unending willingness to provide love and solace at any time.cuchi feb 18

I admit that I put Cuchi on a pedestal. She was a truly wonderful dog, but she was also the fulfilment of a dream, and the reality was she was everything that I could have wished for.

Cuchi, posing in the summer sun
Cuchi, summer solstice 2010

She gave us 4 fantastic puppies, and was an amazing mother, right up till they were 8 weeks old. Then, she made it obvious that her work was done and that we were to take over from that point.

Puppies suckling
Cuchi and her puppies

So many of my memories of Cuchi involve her enthusiasm. From trying to climb the dogyard fence because she wasn’t on the team that day, the craters she used to dig because dinner was too slow to be served to her, her love of food, her compassion and her love of affection. I have tried and failed to paint a picture of just how much Cuchi meant to us. I can only hope that we were able to give her a fraction of love and comfort she gave us.

Cuchi Joar
Cuchi relaxing with one of our friends
Cuchi mum
A big lap dog for my mother-in-law







I knew losing her would be hard, I just didn’t know it would be this hard.

Goodbye Cuchi, in a world of special dogs, you were the most special and always will be.


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