Goodbye Ciobair

ciobair head
Ciobair    5 Nov 2008  ~~ 21 June 2018

There is the biggest hole in our home, our lives and our hearts.

Ciobair died suddenly and completely unexpected last Thursday.  Her passing was a shock and the pain and despair we feel is hard to express. She was the last of our dogs that came from Scotland with us, and she has been here to greet, welcome and approve every dog and puppy we have acquired since we got here. She came to us as an older puppy, with some issues, and she blossomed into the most wonderful companion.

Every dog in the yard has been through the Ciobair test, and every visitor too.  She was a fixture in our daily lives, a steadying fulcrum that we could rely on. In almost any situation, we knew what she would do, and how she would react. She was our doorbell, our early warning monitoring system, an instinctive guard dog, a friend, a puppysitter, and a nurse.  She fretted over the sick dogs, she guarded, chastised, teased and loved puppies and she made every day just that little bit brighter. There wasn’t an inch of our perimeter fence she didn’t inspect every day, and rowdy behaviour from the youngsters would earn them some frenetic barking from her.

She was fabulous with people she knew, and generally warmed to newcomers. She was always alert, but you could come into the house with her at the door –  you just weren’t allowed to leave unless we were there.  And if you stayed over, no matter how well she knew you,  if we weren’t up,  you weren’t allowed down the stairs.

I am smiling at some of these recollections,  but my eyes are filled with tears at the same time and I know there will never be a day goes by, that we won’t miss and think of her, our “big, black dog”
Quite a few weeks ago, a friend posted this on her FB page.  It made me cry then, it makes me cry almost every time I see it and it breaks my heart to think of Ciobair gone. Goodbye my girl,  you were and always will be, the best.


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