And So It Begins (again)

15 Sept 2018     6.00 PM        64F   Mostly blue skies After a long and incredibly busy summer, it seems that Fall is once again upon us. Each year, we seem to go through the exact same procedure, so I’ll spare you from having to read what would pretty much constitute a repeat of the posts from each of the last few Septembers.
My workshop, sunshine and fresh air.
There is a slight difference in that I did actually manage to get a few dog houses built this summer, and even replaced a couple of the rooves for dogs that are tough on them. Our new kennel pens have been in place a year now, and we have been working out a kennel plan that will constitute a fairly major re-jig of who lives with who, but should ensure that we will be able to have every dog off their tether at the same time, rather than having to rotate the play groups. It should make things a bit easier, and of course the dogs love being able to run around shouting at their neighbours through the fence. The inevitable female fate befell Geiliss, and she had to leave her brother and go live with the girls. She seemed to handle the move well, going back to be with her mother, Brooks, was a bit of anti-climax, at least for us. We were hoping for much love and displays of emotion. It was underwhelming to say the least,  Brooks gave her a quick sniff and then went about her day. Fortunately, the other girls in the yard were much more interested and it has been fun to watch. Her poor brother though,  definitely got a raw deal – as far as he is concerned, anyway. He was left with The Happy Crew, and it seems he really misses his sister, despite Davaar’s best efforts to get him involved.
geiliss musen
Geiliss on the right, with her new friend, Musen.
We’re just about to start training, and I’m currently figuring out who will be in the training pool.  Oran and Geiliss will sit out this year, I consider them too young as they will just be one year old in November, so they can watch the big dogs come and go and maybe start to learn the ropes in those lovely, relaxed, sled runs in the Spring. As ever, we’ve had the conversation about maybe looking for a handler for this winter. And, as ever, we’ve done nothing about it. We seem to have taken the approach that if we’re meant to have a handler, one will just drop in our laps. I kind of think that might be a little optimistic. But, who knows, the right person may yet find us.
the greys
Ruby, Niko and Lightfoot enjoying the morning sunshine.
The main reason I posted that photo, is to try and illustrate that not everything you hear in the media about how awful the life of a sled dog is, is true. As you can see, these 3 seem perfectly happy lazing about. If you look closely at the gate behind them, you’ll notice it is wide open.  They live loose in a pen, get to free run in a 2 acre exercise yard, and yet they’d rather lie there and watch me drinking coffee on the deck. A tough life indeed.

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