The Newest House Dog

16 September 2018    6.00 PM     61 F   Cloudy

The house has seemed empty for quite a while now. The loss of so many of our house dogs this past winter and spring has meant that we have only had 4 dogs in with us. Doubtless to many people that still seems like a lot of dogs to have wandering about, but to us, and many of our friends, it really isn’t that big a number. To put it into perspective, in the months before the Sockeye Fire in June 2015, we had 11 house dogs !   Now, that does seem like a lot, but it worked and everyone was happy.  And yes, there was a lot of dog hair and muddy paws everywhere.

So, we decided that it was time to start repopulating the house. The idea being that the older dogs get to come and live indoors, when they decide that they want to. We bring likely candidates inside and see how they get on. A couple of them simply don’t like being indoors. They don’t like the flooring, the heating, the being told to get off the kitchen counters or the not being allowed to pee wherever and whenever they want.  So, those dogs who try it and decide it’s not for them, get to move to the retired dog pen, live loose with communal houses and get spoiled.

Friddy was next on the list to come in. He’s the eldest outside dog, retired himself from running a few years ago, by the simple expedient, one day, of simply walking back to his house with his harness on, instead of going to his spot on the line. The whole of that season, he quite happily sat and watched as the rest of the dogs went running. The following season, he seemed equally happy to still be retired, and I officially declared him “off the team”.  Of course, the next year, when I would have retired him on the grounds of age anyway, he suddenly decided he wanted to be a part of it all again.

friddy house
Friddy and his island of safety.

He’s a lovely boy, big, fluffy, soft natured and almost a little timid. He’s also very quiet, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him bark or howl. So, he’s been moved into the house and is still at the getting settled in stage. A lot of the time, he lies on one of the dog beds and just watches what is going on. He has discovered that the kitchen is a good place to be, although he seems to have decided that if I’m in there, he shouldn’t be, but if my wife is there, it’s ok.  Sometimes, one wonders greatly at the complexity of a dog’s thought process.

friddy kitchen
Friddy with his “caught in the kitchen” startled expression.

Welcome indoors Fridtjof.


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