Goodbye Hop

Cold Canyon’s Whopijaw at Gealach Mor 20 May 2009 ~ 10 May 2019

On Thursday, we lost our larger than life sized character, Hop.
Diagnosed with a couple of inoperable tumours in February, and given a warning that we wouldn’t have long with her, we’re torn that we got longer than expected, but still not long enough with our crazy girl.

Hop was bred by friends of ours and came to us with her equally boisterous brother, when we moved to Alaska in the summer of 2009. That winter, she damaged an eye and became a house dog, so we could better care for her. It also allowed us to try and control some of her wilder tendencies. Hop liked to rule the roost and she made sure that every other dog knew who was in charge. As grumpy as she was with other dogs, she was a loving companion to us, and slept on our bed, and was most delighted when one of us was away from home and she could even get a pillow. Her favourite trick to get attention was to lie beside you, growl, then punch you in the face with a paw, if you stopped petting her. That particular trick scared more than a few house guests ! She also loved to sit in one of the reclining chairs and watch TV, and it became her favourite spot, basking in the sun.

Hop and Ruya, waiting for the football to start.
For all her grumpiness, she could co-exist with the others, if she had to.

The house seems strangely quiet and empty without her presence, and while she may not physically be here, part of her will always be with us.


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