Goodbye Boof

Boofochko of Seppala 3 Dec 2003 ~ 2 Aug 2019

Come on then, old man.
It’s impossible to believe we won’t be saying that to our wonderful Boof any more. The emptiness he leaves behind is incompatible with his diminutive stature, a small dog, huge of heart and personality. He still seems to have a presence in the house, his favourite spot lies empty and our routine still defaults around his medications and eating schedule.

Boof was a character from the moment he arrived here in 2012 from Seppala Kennels. His physical stature may have been on the small side, but he more than made up for that with his character and presence. Plus his 2 sons that we had here, Niko and Nuchok, were towering giants ready to back up their dad, if needed.

Plagued by an ongoing, intermittent stomach issue, and a tendency to want to do things his way, the transition for yard dog to house dog was one that we thought might be tricky. But it seemed to be just what he had been after the whole time.

Boof, back in 2016 when he could still jump up onto the sofa.

As he aged, he was onset with a variety of illnesses and ailments, and through it all, he became more and more reliant on my wife for comfort and care. He tolerated us mere mortals, but for her, he would turn back time.
In the end, when it all became to much for him, he sought solace in her arms, breaking all our hearts afresh.

Boof, waiting “patiently” on his dinner, summer of 2012
Boof and his son, Niko

Goodbye Mr Boof, take our tears as proof of our love for you.

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