Goodbye Mermaid

Mermaid headshot
Sepp-Lok’s Mermaid 10 May 20014 ~ 6 Oct 2019

Mermaid finally gave up her struggle against cancer on Sunday. Stoic to the end, despite increasingly obvious signs of distress, she remained the epitome of calmness and serenity. She carried her age with grace and refused to let her failing body affect her demeanour and behaviour.

Mermaid came to us in 2009, when we first moved to Alaska, she was 5 years old and had already been at 5 different kennels. To our amazement she showed no signs of insecurity, and remained a happy-go-lucky, roll with the punches dog, all her days . We promised her, as we promise all our dogs, to always love her and to look after her. I hope she feels we lived up to that promise.

Quiz in the sled team
Mermaid, front left with Quiz, Jan 2010

Mermaid was a troublefree dog, she loved working in the team and once we figured out a couple of things, she was a wonderful team member. She even ran lead during her last year on the team. As a yard dog, she was happiest when eating or digging. If she could have done both at the same time, I’m sure she would have. Even in her last days, with her back legs failing, she could still dig a hole deep enough that she couldn’t actually get herself out of it, without help.

Mermaid, enjoying some afternoon sunshine.

Goodbye sweet Mer Mer, you were a good girl.

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