Goodbye Xaros

Xaros of Seppala 4 Nov 2006 ~ 26 June 2019

On a hot, sunny Wednesday afternoon, Xaros quietly lay down in a corner of the shaded yard he had wandered into, just an hour or so before. With no warning, no drama and no uproar from the rest of our dogs, he simply passed away.

There’s still a feeling of disbelief that he is gone, no signs of illness, no traces of discomfort from him in the days prior. But we have to face the fact that he has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Like so many, he left before we are ready to let him go ( not that we are ever ready to lose them) .

Xaros matured into a happy, confident dog, traits he passed on to his kids, and he learnt to tolerate the boisterous behaviours from our younger dogs, whilst still having their respect. He loved quiet one on one time, and would happily lie across my legs as I groomed him, or just rubbed his ears.

With each dog we lose, there is a palpable sense of loss that forever stays with us. The pain and loss does not diminish, we simply move it into another part of our hearts, the love for our dogs helping us to cope with a grief that at times threatens to overwhelm us.

Happy and alert
Xaros, in 2012
Xaros and his son, Dawson

Goodbye dear Xaros, may you always have the wind at your back and may your tail stay forever tangle free.

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