Goodbye Friddy

Fridtjof of Seppala 24 Oct 2005 ~ 10 Oct 2019

On Thursday we lost another of our wonderful old dogs, Friddy, due to an hemangiosarcoma in his chest. His passing rips another piece of our hearts away and his absence is keenly felt by us and our other house dogs. His favourite spot lies empty and Caoimhe still looks for her special old friend to lie beside – even if Friddy didn’t always appreciate her concern.

Friddy “playing” with Caoimhe when she was smaller than him

Friddy was a quiet character, never one for causing a fuss, he was a willing worker in our team until the day he decided to retire himself, by simply walking back to his doghouse in the yard instead of up to his spot on the line. My wife was delighted to have him become a house dog and he quickly figured out the tunnel and settled into his new routine.

Friddy was a powerhouse in the team
He did like a snooze.
Like all smart dogs, Friddy figured out the kitchen was a good place to visit

It’s hard to fully convey just how deep the despair is, that we feel following his loss. With the passing of each one of our beloved dogs, it refreshes the pain and hurt we feel with the death of every one of them.

Goodbye Friddy, Mr Fat Neck, – may you always be at peace.

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