About Gealach Mor Kennel

We are Peter & Joyce Duncan, we used to live just south of Edinburgh in Scotland, but now we are ensconced in the heart of dogsledding country, Willow, Alaska. We are home to around 50 Siberian huskies and Seppala Siberian Sled Dogs and one German Shepherd dog. I feed, care for, scoop for, train and run the dogs. My wife used to work just to feed me and the dogs, but now she has given up the easy professional life for one of kennel slavery, she also loves the dogs and allows more of them to live in the house than we probably ever intended.

In the summer of 2009, we moved ourselves and all our dogs over to Alaska. The prospect of longer trails, better (dogsledding) weather and a plethora of 200 – 300 mile races are what drew us. Our kennel grew from the 16 dogs we arrived with to the number it is now. As part of that, we were finally able to become a Seppala Siberian Sleddog kennel, a long held dream that the Atlantic Ocean had always thwarted.

We still have all our Siberian Huskies, and they, along with our Seppala Siberians form our kennel, our training pool and our race team.

We are one of a small group of kennels devoted to the SSSD, scattered across the USA and Canada.

11 thoughts on “About Gealach Mor Kennel

  1. Hello there! I am just desperate to get in touch with you guys, but the email us link on your website is not working.
    I’ve just recently taken in a pup that came from you, his Dam is your dog, Sepp-Lok’s Mermaid. I am a newbie when it comes to huskies, but we have 2 now and are in love. I would just love to ask you some questions, learn a bit from you, anything! I can even send you a picture of him now! Oh yes, and the one I have is Silversepp’s Elros. He was born March of 2009.
    Anyways, if you ever have a moment, please do contact me! I would love to pick your brain!


  2. Hi, I sent you an email to the address you left on your inquiry about WaterFurnace equipment and it was returned. If you can call me, we can discuss your situation and I can get a proposal to you. My Alaska phone number is 907-244-5008. Good luck on your project.


  3. We live in central West Virginia, USA. I have over ten Siberian Huskies. I love my dogs with a passion. I love reading your blog and your journey from Scotland to Alaska. I hope you have many happy years of training your dogs.


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