Goodbye our darling Beth   6 June 2000 ~ 24 July 2013

She is the Matriarch of the kennel, Rimrock’s Bethany at Gealach Mor.

Our dog, Beth posing for the camera
Beth, looking majestic, Feb 2004

Beth has been at the heart of some the biggest, most exciting events that have happened to us here at GMK. Starting with the moment that we bought her from Bob Davis of Tay Marr Siberians in March 2002, our very first Seppala, spending 6 months driving back and forth to visit her and Vader in quarantine kennels, her being part of our winning 6 dog team at Leannachan and her producing our very first litter of pups in September 2003.

Those 8 pups all stayed here with us and still form the backbone of our team. Beth has taken early retirement from running but still takes a very active parenting role with her, no longer, youngsters. Despite several of them being a lot larger than she is, she has no qualms about giving them a hard time if she thinks they deserve it. That parenting role has expanded to include all the newcomers to the kennel, although at times, I imagine I can see her running around doing the doggy equivalent of tearing her hair out in frustration, at the effort in trying to control some of the wilder yearlings.

We have tried several times to make Beth a house dog and each time, she is unsettled and wants to be back in amongst her babies – those babies that will be 7 years old in September. She is a strong-minded, good-sized female with a delightful temperament.

Beth, Vader and their 8 yearling pups
Beth, and Vader with their litter of yearlings in NH, Jan 2005
Vader, Fina, Teague, Harry, Nadia and Beth
Fina and Teague between Vader (father) and Beth (mother) in Alaska, Jan 2010

For me, I find it kind of telling that nearly all the pictures we have of Beth have her in a group with at least a couple of her offspring hanging around.

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