Goodbye to my darling Dushka, a blessing and an honour to have known and loved.  16 Jan 2005 ~ 25 June 2012


Dushka of Seppala arrived here in February along with Cuchi. Her journey was the same, she too was born at Seppala Kennels in the Yukon in January 2005 and came here from the same kennel we bought Cuchi from. She too, is a laidback character with a wonderful nature and classic good looks.

Dushka head protrait
Dushka of Seppala

Her arrival here in late February, when she had not trained or run all season, meant that she (and Cuchi) could not join in with the rest of our dogs’ training schedule. She did get several short sled runs with the oldies and the youngsters and showed she knows what she is doing.

Dushka is a much more reserved character than Cuchi and was a good bit more cautious about mixing with the big group of loose dogs. Initially, she preferred to stay in the smaller middle pen and mix with just Oscar and Quiz. She slowly gained more confidence and most days is now out with the big group. She has learnt one little trick – if she hangs back when the main group go out, she gets to come into the dog kitchen with me to get water. There, she always gets a biscuit or treat – so now, she waits by the door every day before going into the field. That little trick perhaps counters the nickname she earned here pretty early on of “Dopey Dushka” – she seemed more than a little bit “blonde” on occasion.

She is a very gentle natured dog and I feel she has really settled in now. She still prefers to be on the periphery of the action, but has developed a good play relationship with young Quiz and has also buddied up with boss dog Teague.

Dushka digging for gold
No, it’s not deep enough yet.
Taking a break from the digging
Union rules – 15 minute break needed.
Dushka in amongst some of our other dogs
Dushka in with the gang
Dushka in profile
The very lovely Dushka of Seppala

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