Tay Marr’s Harry at Gealach Mor.

Harry, serene as ever

He arrived in Scotland from Bob and Tammy Davis’ Tay Marr Kennel early in 2004 as a 10 month old dog, having sat out his Pet Passport qualification period with them. His introduction to our guys went very smoothly and very quickly became an integral part of the kennel. He formed a real bond with Vader, and it is still a common sight to see the two of them together.

Harry is a fairly laid-back, chilled, mellow type of dog. He’s quite happy drifting around the periphery of the mob, mingling closely with those he consorts with, and more or less ignoring the more lively, bouncy types. He loves getting his ears rubbed, but once you start, you need to keep an eye on where his head is, because he tends to start whipping it back and forth to ensure you are rubbing him in just the right spot.

He is a valuable member of our team, more often than not running lead. He formed a good partnership up there with Oscar in the latter part of last winter. He has a couple of drawbacks, one minor, one fairly major. The minor one is an occasional bout of selective deafness coupled with the idea that he thinks he knows where we’re going. The other issue is more annoying (and expensive). During hook-up, he is a chewer – whatever he can reach. His harness, necklines, the gangline, any leads lying around and on a really bad day, the harness of a neighbouring dog. He’s quick at it too. So far, once we are actually on the trail, he’s fine, but this year with our increased distances and longer breaks, it’s going to be interesting to see if he starts it then too.

Gealach Mor sled dogs in Willow swamp
Harry and Teague, leading the team on the way to Willow Creek, Feb 2010

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