Time for the big guy – Wild Wind’s Junior.

Junior in profile
Junior, awaiting his saddle

I thought we had some big boys in our Buffalo litter, but Junior is equal to them if not just a little bigger. I have no idea what he weighs because he never needs to go to the vet and there’s no way our poor little bathroom scales could cope with me and him at the same time, but in the words of one visitor to our kennel – geez, that dog is half donkey !

Now, I feel that is quite harsh on JunJuns. There might be quite a lot of him to love, but he is actually well put together and has a pretty darn graceful floating stride. He also has the pulling power of diesel truck so it behoves you to pay attention when walking him up to the gangline. He ran predominately at wheel last season and went through a couple of running partners who weren’t especially keen on some of his idiosyncracies. Oscar didn’t like having his face licked whilst running, Milloy didn’t like the bouncing and screaming at hook-up and Quiz just didn’t like having to be beside him. Good old Takeo however, took one run with Junior to quell the worst of his excesses and they actually went on to form a solid partnership. They are similarly sized dogs, as powerful as tugboats and interesting to watch as they build that working relationship.

Junior does have a couple of little character “quirks” – he is a ladies man – well, so he thinks anyway and he lacks a certain amount of the tact and diplomacy that our “communal living” arrangements benefit from. So, his social circle is a good bit smaller than most, and he does need supervision. It’s not so much that he sets out to look for trouble, more that he has that air of ” are you lookin’ at me, pal ? ”

He, of course, does have his one special friend, although at times I’m sure it’s a responsibility he could quite happily live without.

Stunning portriat of Junior
Wild Wind’s Junior Sept 06
Oscar and Junior at wheel (running position closest to the sled)
Oscar and Junior, January 2010
Junior comforts young Fionn
Junior with his sidekick, Fionn

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