Goodbye to our dear, sweet wonderful boy Milloy 5 Sept 2003 ~ 16 April 2012


Gealach Mor’s Milloy

A young Milloy
Milloy, as a younger dude

Anyway, it’s Milloy’s turn for stardom. He is one of our “Buffalo” litter boys, and like all of them, is a solid, consistent worker, a cuddlelover, a good eater and a pain in the ass when bitches are in heat. Millie is probably right up there as the most annoying dog with his constant high pitched whining, yipping and pacing back and forth. At least he knocks it off long enough to eat, but then goes right back to the “serenading”.

As a working dog, he’s a dream, providing you can cope with the screaming during hook-up. He’s one of those invisible dogs, doing the right thing at the right time, an honest hard worker. He won’t lead, in fact he won’t even stand at the front of the team, but put him anywhere else and he’s a star.

Milloy loves attention, and will push his way into the middle of any group hug going on. He’s very handsome, he’s very strong and he’s very loveable.

Our race team for the Can-Am 30, March 2005
Teague, Trey, MILLOY, Harry (mostly hidden) and Takeo (and completely hidden, BB). The Can-Am 30 race team, March 2005
The team arriving home after a sled run
Milloy at wheel, with Takeo, Jan 2010

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