The ever wonderful, ever happy, evergreen Chatanikas Nadia.

Nadia stares off into the distance

Nadia was imported by us into the UK in Jan 2006 from Jay Tindall’s Chatanikas Kennel under the Pet Passport scheme.  When I first saw her, I was struck by how small she seemed. Since then, I have come to realise that most of our dogs are big and she’s perfectly sized. Of course, there may be a degree of kennel blindness going on, after all, if we don’t think our own dogs are the best, most wonderful dogs around, then who would. However, Nadia really is lovely and an excellent worker too.

Now 8 years old, she still displays an immense willingness to pull, mental toughness, super feet and an inconquerable appetite.  She has an easy going nature, with a degree of that Seppala initial wariness towards new people, but once won over, she loves attention and snuggles.

I know that colour and markings are not important and are no reason for selection criteria, but I think it was Nadia that tipped my preferences towards the black/tan look. It’s pure coincidence (honest!)  that a couple of my favourite dogs (they are all my favourites really, well, except maybe for a couple of the troublemakers) happen to share a similar colour scheme.

Curious Nadia

8 dog team, Nadia is in 3rd pair back.

2 thoughts on “Nadia

  1. She has the most interesting face!! Her heritage says she should be able and willing to run, but her attitude should have been the tip off. She’s probably a most interesting dog to have around.


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